Sustainability and ESG strategy

At Mazars, we aim to equip your business with the most effective and forward thinking Sustainability and ESG strategy.

Sustainability is now a vital part for the growth of any business. It not only sets up a business for long term success and resilience but also impacts consumer preference, employee support and investment decisions.

We can see a visible transformation in how a business or corporation are viewed today. While the conversation around societal and environmental issues do create intricate complexities it also paves the way for exciting opportunities. As the corporate world continues to welcome sustainability as a pillar of their core values, there is a need for businesses to gain a better understanding of their social and environmental impact and implement the best governance standards in order to thrive.

In the ever changing corporate environment, sustainability helps you achieve a more holistic way forward. A well rounded long-term sustainability strategy is supported by good governance, quality analysis and reporting taking into account all environment, social and governance (ESG) based issues resulting in benefits like an increase in customer trust, employee support, improved competitive standing and stakeholders support.

How do we approach Sustainability and ESG strategies?

We at Mazars, provide you with the best strategies to enhance performance and growth. A team of area specialists will work with you on creating highly efficient and effective strategies that are unique to your business’s needs and goals.

  • ESG risk assessment and strategy: Providing an all rounded assessment and a comprehensive long-term or short-term strategy for sustainability, as well as services to ensure compliance.
  • Implementation and transformation: Assisting your organisation through the implementation and transformation and ensuring that it truly embraces its ethical and sustainable measure.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Sustainability strategies will also systematically identify, analyse, plan and suggest implementation actions to increase stakeholder engagement.
  • Lifecycle analysis: Evaluate and provide an in-depth analysis of the ESG impact of throughput the entire lifecycle of the service.
  • ESG maturity & GAP assessment: As the functions within your organizations mature, its is imperative to assess with the leading practices and the function maturity relative to the industry of operations, we at Mazars provide services to assess the current as is state maturity and advice on the steps that must be structured to achieve the desired to be state.
  • ESG Audit: Compliance and Assurance is imperative to the implementation of a well-articulated strategy. As the bottleneck to achieving any sound strategy is its execution. We provide assurance services, while leveraging the Mazars global service leader insights to ensure assurance to the stakeholders can be provided.

Our bespoke approach and team of experts will ensure you and your business are the right hands. Get in touch today!

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